Skills Marketers Need to Kill It This Year

When I tell people that I work in marketing, I usually expand on that with a generic explanation like, I write blogs, website content, and manage social media for several brands. Immediately I get a response along the lines of, “so, you get paid to play around on the internet all day?”

Yes. Sort of. But not really.

Marketing isn’t as simple as it sounds, and it’s probably one of the most undervalued but cultivating tech careers out there. Believe it or not, websites don’t just magically show up on the first page of a Google search, and the information you’re reading online isn’t all written by robots. So, with that said, here are the skills marketers need to kill it this year!

Top Six Skills Marketers Need to be Successful

skills marketers need

1. You should be good at reading people

When you’re trying to lead people to your brand, you have to be good at knowing their triggers. In other words, you have to understand who your audience is and what they want. Marketing is often the process of leading someone on a personal journey to where they finally decide on your brand. That’s why reading people and building relationships is one of the most important skills marketers need to kill it this year.

2. You should be even better at communicating with them

Once you understand who your audience is, the next step is knowing exactly how to communicate with them to get them to do what you want them to. Keep in mind that there are many forms of communication – emails, blogs, newsletters – are all written forms. But there are also other ways to communicate with your audience such as videos, podcasts, and infographics.

3. Technology is your best friend

Technology is your best friend if you want to kill it in marketing going forward. Technology is constantly evolving and so should your technical skills! If you don’t know how to make a video or take a stellar photograph, take a class. If you’ve never recorded and edited audio (like in a podcast) try it out! Also keep in mind how technology works, and how your audience might be using it. For example, it’s not enough to think of keywords in the context of a Google search. You now have to consider that your audience is asking Alexa or Siri questions about where to find travel nursing jobs or the highest paying trucking positions.

4. Content creation is key… so you better be creative

Just because technology is taking over doesn’t mean that some good, old-fashioned writing skills can be tossed to the side. Writing and content creating is still one of the key skills marketers need. In fact, blog writing is getting more and more technical and competitive. It’s not enough to write a fluff piece of 500 words and slap it online. Now, research, interviews and in-depth content is killing it. This means that you better be creative if you want to succeed as a marketer. Like I said above, it’s also very important to think of content creation outside of the written medium.

5. It’s your job to make boring data interesting

Data… statistics… zzz.

Let’s face it. Numbers can be extremely boring, especially for creative writers and those artsy types that are typically drawn to marketing careers. However, data is powerful, especially if it’s specific to your brand. It’s your job as a marketer to pay attention to granular details and find a way to use it to your advantage. Yes, this might mean working with numbers. I know, you’re rolling your eyes. However, with the right presentation even the dullest of data can be interesting.

6. If you’re lazy… bye!

If you don’t want to work hard and fast, don’t pursue a career in marketing. This is an industry that is technology driven, constantly changing and requires monitoring, adapting, and commitment. So, basically, if you’re lazy… bye! Laziness, or the ability to half-ass projects, is not one of the skills marketers need to kill it this year.

What do you think are some of the top skills marketers need to be successful? Share with us in the comments below!

Digital Marketing Specialist | A Day in the Life

Here at Track5Media, LLC, we have three full-time digital marketing specialists. Connor starts his day with some sun salutations and a vegan ice bath, Troy rolls out of bed and takes his puppy outside, and Lenay makes herself some coffee and picks out an outfit for the day. Then, these three head to the office and prepare for another exciting day at Track5Media. Now, you may be asking, what do these digital marketers do during the course of a day? Well, I’m here to offer you an inside look at the daily tasks of a digital marketing specialist, so keep reading!

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Specialist

While all of our digital marketing specialists at Track5Media have slightly different roles, here are a few duties that are relatively consistent between the three of them.

digital marketing specialist 2

Monitoring Everything

Some of us at Track5Media use Google Analytics to check for traffic and performance data on our sites. Using the found data, we can then look for opportunities to increase brand engagement and conversions.

In addition, monitoring social media channels is a priority for a digital marketing specialist. Track5Media has six different brands, each with their own Facebook and Twitter pages. Our digital marketing specialists are responsible for observing all activity on these social media channels. In addition, they engage with followers and respond appropriately to any comments or questions.

Aside from the company and our brands, we also keep an eye on our competitors. Competitor research is important in digital marketing. It allows us to see our competitors’ strategies and how the public is responding to their content. If a competitor is doing something that we are not and it’s working for them, chances are, we’ll definitely consider trying it.

digital marketing specialist

Content Creation

Digital marketing specialists create all kinds of different content to meet goals and increase brand awareness. Here are a few different types of content that we create at Track5Media:

  • Blogs. Each of our brands (and our company page) has its own blog. Our digital marketing specialists write regular blog posts for each page. For each post, they utilize proper keywords and SEO practices to create the best possible, optimized content.
  • Social media updates. Each Monday, our digital marketing specialists and intern plan and schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for each of our brands using HootSuite.
  • Graphics. Connor is our go-to guy for this one, but we at Track5 create lots of different videos, images, and infographics to support our content.

Campaign Management

One of the primary responsibilities of a digital marketing specialist is to manage different marketing campaigns from start to finish. As a team, our marketing department brainstorms different approaches for campaigns and promotions. We’re always thinking of new ways to promote content, events, and engage our audience. For campaign management, planning and communication are essential, so we have lots of meetings to collaborate and plan with each other. We task out who’s going to be in charge of what aspect of the campaign and monitor the campaign’s success while it’s happening. Finally, one of the most important parts of campaign measurement is evaluating its effectiveness when it’s finished. What worked for us? What didn’t work? By assessing the campaign’s effectiveness, digital marketers can develop their strategies even more.

digital marketing specialist 3

Website Management

This is one of the more tricky tasks of a digital marketing specialist. Aside from making sure that our websites have awesome content, we must make sure that they are functional and maximized for SEO, with the help of our development team. Aside from using sites like SEMrush and Moz for keyword research and analytics, we also use a tool called Screaming Frog SEO Spider to crawl our sites. The crawler analyzes each of our websites’ pages to ensure that they’re optimized for SEO and fetches key onsite elements.

While this list certainly isn’t exhaustive, it’s a pretty good overview of some of the major tasks of a digital marketing specialist. We’re currently looking for summer and fall intern marketing positions at the moment, so check out our open jobs here!