Mike Parda

Mike did not initially start his career as a developer, but after graduating with a bachelors in Political Science from UCF, he realized he did not want to get into law or politics.  So back to school it was, this time to Seminole State to get an associate’s in Programming and Analysis.  Throughout his entire college career, Mike worked at a number of high-end restaurants as a cook in Orlando and Winter Park, and has been known to make some pretty excellent food.  Since getting into development, Mike has worked at a wide variety of places including retail startups, prank calling apps, and large healthcare software companies.  Mike enjoys working with all kinds of web technologies and is always working on some kind of fun side project.  When not coding or cooking, Mike can be found exploring the various beautiful state parks and beaches in Florida and throughout the southeast with his significant other Samantha and their 2 hound dogs.

Author: Track 5 Media

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