Ben Joerg

Ben grew up in small town Minnesota and has always been an ambitious young lad. From competing in tennis tournaments to winning a battle of the bands, he is no stranger to taking on new and exciting challenges. Ben went on to graduate with a BS Degree in Biology and Nuclear Medicine Technology (yes, not a typo) from the prestigious University of Wisconsin La Crosse while enjoying his weekends playing in a popular band to help pay the bills.

During the next 20 years, Ben has filled candy machines, earned his MBA, poured coffee at Starbucks as well as owning and successfully selling a National Travel Nurse Staffing company. Ben was a longtime client of Travel Nurse Source before he was asked to become a part of its growth and success, which has since morphed into the digi-rawkin company Track 5 Media.

Fast forward, the last five years Ben has been building the sales network of Track 5 Media and currently plays bass in a popular Minneapolis band while sharing his mod-loft with the coolest English Springer one would ever meet.

Author: Track 5 Media

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