Recruiting Talent: How to Attract the Best Employees

With new technologies and emerging fields, businesses face more competition than ever. Besides competing for a place in the market, organizations are forced to compete for job applicants. Organizations must be strategic and creative while recruiting talent. Here are some things you can try as you learn how to attract the best employees to your company.

Know Who to Recruit

While recruiting talent, it’s important to determine what you’re looking for in a future employee. Maybe it’s a particular skill set, shared company values, a good work ethic or another specialty. More often than not, you’re looking for a mix of these traits, but so are all of the other organizations in the world. Figure out what differentiates your organization from the rest.

how to attract the best employees

How to Attract the Best Employees

Seek Out Applicants

When deciding how to attract the best employees, it’s important to take initiative and do your part in the recruitment process.

  • Network

Networking plays a critical role in the recruitment process. If you want to recruit the best talent, you need to find out who’s out there. Talk with your professional connections in the industry, make new connections on LinkedIn and make it known what you’re looking for in an employee. Networking may not provide immediate results, so be sure to allot some extra time for this process.

  • Set Up An Internship Program

If your organization is experiencing regular growth, consider creating an internship program. Interns can serve as interim employees for your organizations, and they may turn out to be great future job applicants for positions that may open up in the future.

  • Research Leaders in the Industry

If you’re recruiting talent in a specialized field or with a very specific skillset, the recruitment process may be more laborious. You’ll need to determine where these specialties come from and figure out how to best reach them. Maybe there’s a college in the area whose academic programs revolve around a particular skillset, or maybe there’s an association related to your industry with talented members. Do your research and figure out how to attract the best employees through these funnels.

Help Applicants Find You

To recruit the best talent, you’ll need to make your organization visible and appealing to job candidates.

  • “Sell” the Best Features of Your Company

As employees sift through hundreds of job postings online, it’s easy for them to get lost in a sea of similarity. Intrigue job applicants with highlights from your organization, so that your company stands out above the rest. Sharing the facts is important, but it’s also important to humanize the posting so that applicants connect with your organization.

  • …But Be Transparent About the Not-So-Good Ones

Pointing out the best qualities of your organization is important, but exaggerating features of your organization or ignoring tedious but essential responsibilities in your job descriptions is never a good idea. Be honest with candidates about the type of work they’ll be doing and what your organization is like. If you’re deceptive, you’ll hurt your organization’s reputation. Social media and other online platforms, like Glassdoor, make it really easy for employees to expose the truth about your organization.

  • Focus on Organizational Culture and Employee Satisfaction

If you create a fun, respectful and enjoyable work environment, job applicants will find you. Here at Track5Media, we continue to develop our company culture, and it definitely shows. Keeping your employees satisfied will help maintain your organization, and the news will travel to job applicants. Share aspects of your organizational culture on social media,

While figuring how to attract the best employees to your organization, you’ll need to find a balance between seeking out candidates and making it easier for job applicants to find you. Recruiting talent can be stressful, but finding the best employees is well worth the effort. If you’re still having trouble finding new employees to meet the needs of your organizations, check out our brands. We can help you build connections and provide you with creative solutions to meet your recruiting needs.

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Hiring Process

Your company probably has an existing hiring process, but is it as efficient and effective as it could be? A lot of recruiters and companies set broad, but formal hiring process and stick to it for years to come, with just enough room to make minor adjustments along the way. But, just like any other strategic plan in a business, it needs to be cleaned up and evaluated every so often. It’s time to do some housework and clean up your hiring process with these steps.

5 Steps to Clean Up Your Hiring Process

1. Evaluate your current approach

If you don’t track metrics such as quality of hire, turnover, time to fill, candidates per hire, and hiring satisfaction, it’s time to start. These metrics can give better insights on what’s working in your process and where you can improve. Also, gather information and opinions of employees to clean up your hiring process. Ask what they think could be eliminated or streamlined to encourage efficiency, if the software you use offers everything needed, and how they think it could be improved. Recent hires might have a few opinions on the process, so it’s important to consider their ideas since they just experienced it first-hand.

2. Polish your job descriptions

Many companies and managers just write a brief job description and post it on a job board then never look at it again. If the job descriptions are unclear, it’s likely that you’ll have tons of unqualified applicants and ultimately waste time with interviews that turn into casual chats. Clearly defining the job responsibilities and requirements can make your hiring process more efficient and also help job seekers to know when not to apply. You’re wasting both your time and the applicant’s time by not gearing the job listing to a specific audience. Also, make sure everything in the posting is accurate. If you hire someone that thinks his job will include XYZ, but he end up being tasked with ABC, it’ll lead to low employee satisfaction and a higher turnover.

Meme about incorrect job descriptions

Be sure to convey accurate information in job descriptions.

3. Make sure everyone is on the same page

Educating your team is a great step to clean up your hiring process. Everyone involved in recruiting and hiring should have the same knowledge regarding the process, specific jobs, and HR software. You should even involve more than one person to evaluate applicants past the initial stage to minimize error and get a second, or even third or fourth opinion. Any mistake can set the process back or send it for a loop. Of course, mistakes are inevitable, but it’s better to take more proactive steps than reactive.

4. Use technology

Lots of hiring managers and companies start with a phone interview to get an initial feel for the candidate’s experience and potential. This is more efficient than having each individual prospect come into the office, for what might not be worth it. This is a great way to add technology into the hiring process, but you can even take it a step further. Programs and software for video interviews can drastically help clean up your hiring process. It can be hard for candidates to find the time to make a trip to the office, especially if they are currently working a different job. So, video chatting allows an easy and efficient way to screen candidates, but also offers a greater human connection with a visual of them.

Also, make sure you are using the best talent management software for your needs. Some even include video interview features and can make the process go a lot smoother.

5. Organize your folders

Whether its physical folders or digital folders, make sure everyone knows where to find important information. This includes any forms or paperwork for hiring, interview questions, job descriptions, and even the hiring process laid out step by step. This ensures that all involved in the process have the resources to carry out the hiring process correctly and as efficiently as possible.

How To Quit Your Job With Grace

In many ways, your coworkers grow into something similar to an extended family. You work together, laugh together, get stressed together and work towards common goals. But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan, or perhaps your plan simply changes.

The Grey Area: Why the Hiring Process Is No Cakewalk

My parents, both proud baby boomers, always made the job hiring process seem so black and white. You go to college, get a degree, make a resume, build a cover letter, apply for a job, nail the interview, get the job, begin a career and start earning a 401(k).

Recruiter Rut: Issues for Staffing Companies

I imagine that in the old days, recruiters would sit around at their old mahogany desks flipping through a Rolodex instead of utilizing LinkedIn. Or literally using a cork job bulletin board at a college to post paper jobs with push pins instead of using They probably hired applicants people who circled their multi-thousand dollar postings in the newspaper’s classifieds. Well, things have changed with the times and so has the staffing industry and in a lot of ways it has improved. However, with the modernization of job recruitment, some pitfalls have arrived as well.

Travel Nurse Source Got a Huge Makeover

After almost 10 years, we  finally have said adios to Travel Nurse Source‘s old website design. Now we are proud to have officially soft-launched our totally upgraded page earlier today. The site is more user-friendly and has tons more features than the old format.

What Gives Lead Generation a Bad Name?

I’ve been in the market for a new car the past few weeks. So naturally, the first thing I did was head online to start my search. One of the first places I headed online was If you haven’t heard of that website before, maybe you’re an inchworm or a snail because surely you’ve been living under a rock the past 10 years. Anyway, I used the site to browse for the EXACT car I was looking for down to the last detail; make, model, price range, color, etc. The only aspect of the search I failed to double-check was location. I filled out a lead generation form for a vehicle WAY too far away that I couldn’t even consider looking at it or buying it. But, everyday I got so many phone calls that I was going bonkers. Even when I explained my situation to the person on the other line, the phone callers still persisted. It was downright annoying. This, my friends, is one of the reasons lead generation sites get such a mixed-view reputation. Everyone wants to find easy results online, but no one wants to be harassed with phone calls and emails.

Lead Generation Tips for Dummies

A lot of leads end up at dead-ends. Instead of trying to just get as many leads as you can, it’s important to work on improving the quality of the ones you’re bringing in. (Quality, not quantity!) Marketing and sales have to compliment the strategies of one another. Time equals money. And leads equal money. So saving time and gaining leads means one thing…more money! (DUH!)

Google Rolls Out Penguin 3.0

Google has once again updated its algorithms. Penguin 3.0 has officially waddled into the internet marketing world to chagrin of SEOs and webmasters everywhere…

What’s new with Penguin 3.0?

Ever since the first version of Penguin rolled out in 2012, Google has been on a continuous mission to eliminate spam in their search results. As the newest version starts to make waves worldwide over the next couple of weeks, a lot of internet marketers are wondering what new practices are going to come along with it.

The biggest speculation on how Penguin 3.0 will be changing the game is that it will be doing one of its frequent “refreshers.” This means if your site has been part of black-hat SEO tricks, you’re going to have to wait until they update again to make changes. The last time a refresher happened was October of last year with Penguin 2.1. And it affected about 1% of all Google queries. 1% doesn’t sound that bad but in the grand scheme of things that means millions of pages and countless businesses were damaged after the ranking systems changed.

However, if you were one of the companies that saw devastating change in October 2013, you may see significant improvements now. Unfortunately, it may take a little bit of time before you begin to notice. Gradually, Google will start lifting the ranks of sites that have since cleaned up their practices in the last update. But, be warned; if you haven’t yet cleaned up your site you may see an even worse dive in ratings. Site owners should keep a close eye on their analytics during the next few weeks to see how the new algorithm might change their rankings.

Overall, Penguin 3.0 shouldn’t cause much of an impact. But in general, it is going to promote additional measures to earn links as opposed to build links.

Major Things to Keep Avoiding

  • Low-quality back links:  If spammy sites are linking to you, it will put your rating lower just as when quality sites link to you it will boost your rank.
  • Anchor-text too frequently: If you’re constantly linking back to the same keyword every time you post it, Google finds that a bit spammy.
  • Paid links: This has been a major thing Google has been battling since they started using these algorithms. Paying for links will make your ranking plummet.
  • Blog networks: Paying to guest blog is basically the same thing as paying for a link…

What are the best practices against Penguin 3.0?

If you want your site to fair well in light of the new Google updates simply don’t over-optimize for keywords and stay away from spammy practices in general. The best thing your site can do is produce frequent quality content that people will want to read. Bribing people for links is no way to practice these days. Instead, just do some organic outreach to bloggers and keep up with producing the kind of content that people will naturally want to share socially.

You can explore more of Google’s webmaster guidelines here.

As we see how Penguin 3.0 starts to shape SEO practices, I wish anyone that was penalized in the past gets redemption this time around.


Missed Opportunities: Mistakes Job-seekers Make in Job Boards

Finding a great job is the American dream. But, it is not easy. Sorry to shatter your dreams, but even finding a decent job is extremely difficult. The best thing anyone actively seeking employment can do is utilize job boards and their easy filtration and application processes in order to cover as much ground as possible! However, in our busy lives; some are making mad dashes to find time to use job boards and therefore; common novice-mistakes occur.

Common Job-seeker Job Board Mistakes

  • Incorrectly filling out applications. Life is stressful. The life of a job-seeker is even more stressful. Spending countless hours browsing jobs on a screen can be tiring and cause silly errors to occur. One thing I can not reiterate enough is how much attention needs to be paid in order to ensure there are no mistakes in applications before clicking “submit.” With some online application processes, once it’s submitted, it can’t easily be edited. This can really harm your chances of ever hearing back about the position. If it contains spelling mistakes or any wrong information an employer will most likely just disregard your name and move on to the next person. Employers don’t have time for mistakes and only want to hire people that will take their job seriously. It is extremely unprofessional to make mistakes during your first impression, which begins with your application. Also, if you forget to mention all your relevant qualifications it may jeopardize your chance of potential employers noticing you. Double-check everything before submitting!
  • Not bothering to set-up job alerts. A lot of people miss out on easy to set features that save a lot of time. By simply taking a minute to set up job alerts on job boards can allow you to be notified of all relevant job openings that you may be interested in. This saves so much time and gives you an upper-hand because you get to see the jobs right as they are posted. For busy people actively looking for a new job, alerts are the most convenient way to keep in the loop. And once you find a job, you can simply cancel the alerts so you won’t be bothered in the future.
  • Not applying quick enough. Job board users need to realize that job postings are usually quickly updated. Also, a lot of job boards have time-limits on their job posts so they get deleted often. Honestly, a job could be “live” one minute and vanish the next. A smart job-seeker knows that as soon as they come across a position they are interested in on a job board, they must apply post haste.
  • Not asking questions. If you are experiencing technical difficulties when trying to apply or search for jobs on a job board site, you should let someone know. Find a contact number for the job board and call them. If you don’t make moves to proactively go after your dream job, no one is going to do it for you. Job boards will assist you and will actually thank you for bringing up any bugs their website has. Even if you don’t feel comfortable calling, these days you can turn to their social media or “ask” forms to get in touch with someone who will be happy to help.