The Best Marketing Traits You Should Look For

Here at Track5Media, we have a pretty tight knit group of marketers. While we may all have different backgrounds (none of us even majored in marketing) and areas of expertise, we’ve still managed to launch successful marketing campaigns as well as provide stellar marketing content for our audience. One of the things I often think about is actually why I was hired. After all, I initially came from a journalism background and picked up a minor in marketing late into my college career. However, the more I worked here and interacted with my team, I began to pick out the various traits that we all shared, and with the help of my marketing team, I think I can give you a few traits you should have as a marketer looking for a job, or a few traits to look for as someone looking to grow your marketing team. Below are just a few of the best marketing traits that a good marketer should have.

The Best Marketing Traits


As a marketer, I’ve learned one of the best traits to have is persistence. Not every piece of marketing content is going to go viral. In fact, it’s very rare that your article or video you create will break the Internet. However, staying persistent and creating solid content continuously will steadily grow your following. It might take a few shots before you can hit your target audience, so make sure that you’re looking for someone who won’t get discouraged and is willing to change up tactics if one marketing outlet isn’t working.


I never fancied myself as an outgoing person, but as a marketing professional, I quickly learned how crucial it is to be able to approach someone and make them want to hear what you have to say. Whether it’s through email, phone, or face to face, having a positive and approachable demeanor is one of the best marketing traits to have. The good news is I don’t believe an outgoing personality is innate. People who were originally shy or introverted can learn to be outgoing or extroverted. I’m living proof of that. Even if a candidate seems like she or he is a little timid during the interview process, keep in mind that the potential may still be there, so don’t count out a shy interviewee just yet.

Writing Prowess

I think one of the biggest reasons I was hired despite having little marketing experience was my ability to write. As a marketer, a good portion of your duties will be to produce stellar content. Luckily through my journalism background, I was able to produce content that was both engaging and well written. Over at Track5Media, the majority of our new hires for marketing will be asked to provide writing samples as well as submit a sample blog so we can assess his or her writing skills. Those looking to hire new marketers should greatly consider writing as one the best market traits you should look for. You can often teach someone more about marketing, but it’s a lot more difficult to teach someone how to write well this late into their career.

They “Get” Social Media

You can’t be a marketer without knowing a thing or two about social media marketing, so it’s no surprise that one of the best marketing traits you should look for in a new hire is whether or not they are adept at social media. Marketing via social media is different than your traditional online marketing, so make sure when you’re interviewing candidates, that you ask them about whether or not they are able to market using social media. Have them write sample tweets or Facebook posts to see if they understand how to reach an audience via social media.


Finally, one of the best marketing traits is initiative. In an industry that is constantly changing, successful marketing professionals have an initiative that drives them forward. They are constantly one step ahead of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapshot. It does neither a company nor a marketer any good to sit on their haunches and wait for the big guys to make their moves in this industry. And in most cases, waiting for the big guys to make their moves will not only hurt your brand but probably penalize it in ways that are sometimes hard to correct. No one wants to have their website hit with a huge algorithm and disappear from the search engines, so finding marketers that have this desired trait is exactly what companies should be doing. But, initiative isn’t always easy to come by. It takes research, planning, and a lot of guts (and sometimes failures) to truly be a forward thinker. However, those marketers that manage to have this trait are those that are the most successful.

Blog Writing Tips: A Writing Refresher

Let’s face it. When you are pumping out content all day every day for websites and blogs, sometimes you get off track. Sure, you’re still creating decent content, but it could probably be better. For example, did you slack a bit when researching your keyword? Or did you go back and add a little extra fluff just to hit your word count, instead of adding another paragraph based on research? As a blog writer, it is important to pause sometimes and take a little refresher course on the basics of blog writing tips to get yourself back on track. This week at Track5Media, the marketing team did just that. We took about an hour to sit down together and review basic blog writing tips and best practices for selecting SEO keywords. Although it’s stuff we’ve heard a thousand times, it always helps to hear it again and again. Here are the three biggest take-a-ways from our marketing meeting this week!

Blog Writing Tips 101

Blog writing tips Clickbait vs. Conversion

Of course, you want to write creative content that people are going to click on. Yet, the content can’t only be catchy and interesting – it also has to compel people to click further into your site and hopefully convince them to buy into your brand. For example, consumers might see an article with a title that convinces them to click on it, but if the content isn’t as interesting as the title suggests, the reader is lost. They will likely click right back out of the website, instead of remaining there and reading further. The trick is finding topics that are fascinating, targeted to your specific audience and have enough substance to convert clicks into sales. This is one of the most important blog writing tips, but often the hardest goal to reach every single time.


blog writing tipsKiller Keywords

Keyword research. This is the one tip that resonated with me the most. When you are picking a keyword for your blog, it is not enough to find a keyword that’s being searched often. You also have to think about who is searching for it and why? What is their end goal when they type that keyword into the search engine? Will your blog post answer their question, and most importantly, is the keyword targeting your specific audience? Sometimes we come up with great topic ideas. We find a keyword related to our topic without considering that it might be attracting many people to our page who will not convert to customers.


Blog writing tips

Audience Assessment

The audience. This brings us to number three of the blog writing tips we reviewed this week. The audience is really the first thing you should consider before you decide on a topic; before you select a keyword. Who are you writing for, and what are you trying to tell them? At Track5Media, we have six brands to market for. Our audience varies between all of our brands, from healthcare professionals like registered nurses and physicians to truck drivers. Our newest brand, Senior Caring, is a brand targeting elderly people and their caretakers. The goal with all of our brands is to connect the audience to a service, such as connecting them to an independent living community or a nursing home to care for them. Thinking about each individual audience, the questions they might have, and the topics they care about is key to creating great content.

How to Stay Focused at Work

You’re sitting at your desk shortly after returning from lunch. Your coffee mug from this morning sits empty beside you. There are a million tabs open on your desktop, and your list of tasks for the week is long. Yet, you can’t help but glance over to the window and look out at the blue sky and the green leaves blowing in the gentle breeze. Your mind starts to drift to how nice it is outside and what you could do after work to enjoy the warm weather. Maybe you’ll go for a walk, or possibly grab a drink with some friends at an outdoor bar. Then again, you really should do laundry and dishes, and you can’t forget to make that student loan payment that’s due today. But it’s summertime, and the living’s easy… An email notification pops up, reminding you of the task at hand. Oh yeah – you’re supposed to be writing a blog pos, and the clock is ticking. I may or may not have just described how I spent the past five minutes, but let’s face it – we could all use some tips for how to stay focused at work, especially when it’s finally starting to warm up outside.

The good news about getting side-tracked at work is – you’re not alone. Nearly 50 percent of American workers surveyed admit they work for about 15 minutes before becoming distracted, and 53 percent confess they waste about an hour or more a day because of disruptions. If you’re younger, you likely have an even shorter attention span because of your constant exposure to technology. People who are in their twenties tend to have shorter attention spans, research suggests. Men also have a harder time focusing than women.

how to stay focused at work

4 Tips for How to Stay Focused at Work

There are some easy tips you can follow that will help you to concentrate better, like making sure your basic needs are met. If you are hungry or thirsty, you’ll likely have difficulty staying focused while working. It will also help if you don’t let distractions from your life outside of work into the office. Meditate or do something before work to clear your head. This will help you to stay calm and collected during the work day. Here are some additional tips for how to stay focused at work:

1. Dump your distractions

We all get distracted by things like the ridiculous selfie your mom posted on Facebook or texting a friend about weekend plans. It’s important to identify what those distractions are so that you can eliminate them. Working offline, if possible, or putting your cell phone out of reach, are ways to make sure you stay focused on the task at hand. Taking a complete digital detox isn’t a bad idea, either.

2. Make a to-do list

Having a solid list of what you need to get done each day is another way for how to stay focused at work. If you’re like me, checking items off your list and knowing you got everything done within the allotted time is satisfying. Also, doing your work in smaller chunks of time and then allowing yourself little rewards between each task, like taking a quick walk, grabbing more water or eating a snack, can help you to focus better and concentrate harder.

3. Find things that help you focus

Drinking caffeine, taking short walks throughout the day, and listening to music are all ideas for ways to improve your focus at work, depending on who you are. Caffeine is definitely a personal preference, but there are many studies that reveal the benefits of walking during the workday.  When it comes to music, some people say that it’s distracting while others claim that certain types of music help them to improve their concentration.

4. Like your job

The most important tip for how to stay focused at work is to enjoy what you do and to work for a company with a positive work environment or culture. If you’re passionate about your job, you’ll have an easier time bringing your mind back from thinking about unrelated things, such as what’s for dinner. $1 empanadas on special sound way better than cooking though, right?