“Cultural Fit”: How to Find Good Personality in Job Interviews

No matter what job an employer is hiring for, there’s one hugely important attribute that needs to be considers—-PERSONALITY. Sure, their work experience may sound perfectly on target, their resume may have blown the other applicants out of the water, and maybe they had a 4.0 GPA at an ivy-league university—but that’s not going to do your organization any good if they turn out to be unreliable and lazy (or tell god-awful sexist jokes at the water cooler) when they actually get hired.

Locum Jobs Online to Exhibit at NAPR & NALTO

A few of the Track5 team are eagerly anticipating a wonderful time in San Antonio, TX next week to exhibit Locum Jobs Online (LJO) at the NAPR & NALTO 2015 Annual Convention.

Locum Jobs Online is a career resource for physician and advanced practice providers looking for lucrative travel assignments. LJO connects qualified locum candidates with leading staffing agencies that offer the most sought-after travel opportunities across the US.