Track5 Welcomes New Interns!

The Track5Media team is happy to welcome our two latest Spring 2015 interns, Madison Sangrey and Kim Teti!

Lead Generation Tips for Dummies

A lot of leads end up at dead-ends. Instead of trying to just get as many leads as you can, it’s important to work on improving the quality of the ones you’re bringing in. (Quality, not quantity!) Marketing and sales have to compliment the strategies of one another. Time equals money. And leads equal money. So saving time and gaining leads means one thing…more money! (DUH!)

How Big Data is Changing Marketing

Big data is probably the single most important marketing tool ever. This year we are going to see an absolute explosion of online marketing initiatives built around only the most targeted audiences. And unlike the old days when only big business was able to use big data, now even small business can use third-parties to market through analytics. Here’s a couple ways we’ll see differences in marketing this year with a little help from big data: