Hanging up the Phone: The New Customer Service Tool

One of the most fundamental parts of any company is its ability to provide the most excellent assistance to their customers possible. Everyone knows that a company would absolutely fall apart without keeping your loyal customers loyal. After all, if you lose your customers, you lose your business. But, too frequently the average person these days tires of taking the time to wait on the phone with that god-awful elevator music playing, only to get transferred to another department then wait again and then by the time its all said and done, a whole afternoon is wasted.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Win Any Facebook Face-Off with These Helpful Tips!

According to statistics from last month, there are 829 million active daily users on Facebook and with numbers like these, it has quickly risen to the top of the platform for businesses marketing their brands. Utilizing the rise in social media platforms across the board can increase your audience, customer base, and promote your brands literally over night. The industry of marketing is fast pace and quickly changing, and staying on top of social media trends is definitely a priority your business should be following.

Predicting Marketing Trends of 2015

Every marketer wishes they could simply look into a crystal ball and see the next big thing in the marketing and frankly, it can be tiresome to constantly change tactics. But calm down, Miss Cleo! If you investigate expert predictions for the following year as early as nerds like me, you can get a head start on the newest promotional advances before you even pick out a Halloween costume. Sure; I realize that 2015 seems like ages away and you probably are only now getting use to writing “2014” on your checks… but before you know it, we’ll be clanking champagne glasses and already worried about next year’s profits.

Why You Should Go Mobile

Let’s go back in time, about seven years. Look around and what do you see? Some people with cellphones and desktop computers, but mainly everyone still prefers to use their “landline” as their primary use of communication. There are the select few that have touchscreen phones and tablets, but those technologies are not very practical when nobody else has access to them. Fast forward to present day, where the majority of American’s don’t have a home telephone and primarily use their smartphones for daily functions and all of their communication needs. Within the last four years, smartphones and tablets have increased internet use by 93%!

Put Your Job Boards to Good Use


Job recruiters have the sometimes difficult task of finding people to fill open spots as quickly as possible. Sometimes, filling the spots are easy because so many people are competing for jobs. Other times, finding qualified candidates can be a far more burdensome endeavor, depending on the market. For example, some industries (like truck driving and nursing) face employment shortages therefore getting qualified personal with related past experience is a tough task. This is when desperate recruiters need to use all tools necessary to be able to draw the attention of potential job candidates.